Scales, justice, life.


Unfair, unjust, unbalanced.


The ground, the world, the strength with which we love.


Everything around us, every thing, every feeling, every moment.


When you’re standing with the one you love, one of you is somewhere else, a little less present than the other.


When you’re in court, facing the loss of your freedom, as a gay man or woman, a person of color, someone who speaks a foreign tongue or hails from another place, the deck is stacked against you.


When you’re raising your child, and no matter what you do you’re wrong and the other parent is always right, the other parent can do no wrong, they’re on this pedestal high in the sky, your world, standing in front of you screaming ‘I hate you’, is against you.


The world around us, every moment, every feeling, every decision.


And still, we rise each day to fight another battle, wage another war.  Because the world around us isn’t the only thing that’s uneven.

Love, hate, drive, heart, strength.


People are not simple.  We are not in balance.  We are darkness and light.  We are love and we are hate and we are uneven and each day we rise, to face the odds, never balanced, always for us or against us. And each night we lay down, having gone up against the world and survived to do it all over again.


via Daily Prompt: Uneven


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