Faith is hard.

Faith means believing in something that you cannot see, cannot touch, cannot prove. When you have faith, you hear his voice in the world around you, through the moments of joy and the moments of pain.  You feel him in the world around you.  You feel him in the rain on your skin and the sun on your face.  You see him in clouds, among the stars, and in the faces of every person you pass.

Faith isn’t concrete, it isn’t steady or perfect or constant.

Faith is hard.

When the world seems like it’s falling apart around you, when everything that you believe in is broken, and everything you thought you knew is wrong, faith will lift you up. If you let it. But you have to let it.

Faith wavers.  When you’re alone, with tears in your eyes and unbearable weight on your shoulders, it’ll vanish.  You’ll scream and you’ll cry and you’ll curse His name.  And he won’t hold that against you.  He will not respond with anger or punishment.  You can sink to your knees in your front yard and scream until you lose your voice. You can curse with every word you know and send your hate to him on the wind.

But he will not respond with anger. No matter what you say, he will not punish you,or  blame you.  He will not think less of you for your moment of weakness. In that moment, he will find a way to touch you. A way to show you that he has not forsaken you.

He will stop the rain or change the song or send you an angel.  In some way that will reach you, will resonate with you alone, he will touch you.

When you sink to your knees, broken and alone, he will kneel before you and take your hands.  He will pray with you and fight for you and he will not rise until you rise with him.

Faith is hard, because it cannot be touched, or proven.  It is not concrete or perfect.

But faith, can move the mountains that doubt builds.

And sometimes, it’s all we have.


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