Capstone Comparisons

Today I had my first Official Capstone Meeting with A, my advisor, and did I mention that Capstone’s are terrifying?  I’m already panicking, and I’m ahead of schedule, so I should be cool as a cucumber. But, I’m not.  I don’t present well, I don’t like the sound of my own voice and the words never come out the way I want them to.

My advisor is incredibly intelligent and she knows this about me. So, her suggestion was that I go through old projects and read the proposals and things that the previous students submitted. So I did, and then I went searching through news stories about Capstone projects and the students that came up with them.

I found these two particularly interesting.

This first one is about a girl that took an app and completely reimagined it.

The second one is about a girl who is going to be using the inauguration as a part of her project.

I’ve been to at least two capstone presentations a semester since I’ve started college, but I had never seen projects like these–or like mine–and seeing that there really is no limit to what a capstone project can look like was comforting.

But, I’m still terrified.


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